Club Chooses Single Tier Membership

After a few months of debate, the club membership has decided to eliminate “half” memberships, which were intended for students. The reason primarily is that students wanted to be able to fly more than the limited membership allowed. As of July 1st, all members will pay $110 per month in dues. Aircraft rates will remain the same for now (fuel is going up so there may need to be an increase). All members will enjoy the same privileges, whether student or licensed member.

Summer Cookouts Commence

The weather is warm enough we’re moving our regular meetings to the hangar at the airport until fall. Our last cookout featured food from Big Fatty’s BBQ in White River Junction. Very happy pilots!

Winter Meetings at Salt Hill Pub (Lebanon)

We’re having our winter meetings at Salt Hill Pub in Lebanon (the one on the green). If you’re interested in joining us, let us know through the contact page and we’ll get details to you. We need to know roughly how many people are attending so we can let the pub set up for us.

Happy New Year

Happy 2018! The club is happily in great shape with a healthy membership. As of December, we have established a wait list for student applicants. To get on the wait list, you will need to fill out the application form with application fee. We are still accepting licensed pilots, with preference for those interested in flying our 182RG.

Club visits Boston ATC

Next month, November, the club will be visiting the Boston Tracon, on two different Saturdays. This will be an opportunity for club members to meet the controllers that guide us around New England, perhaps put some faces to voices!