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Rhinebeck Aerodrome Club Trip

From Dave Kent, our Chief Instructor:

On Sunday the wx was VFR and Sunny at Rhinebeck NY just South of Albany along the Hudson River. Six Members flew the 172 and 182 for the Sunday Airshow. Those attending were Matt Bucy, Dave Kent, Tim Terry, Clint Page, Nick Dorsi, and Jeremy Menard.

The Airshow included:
WW1 Original and Replica aircradft
A good concession stand
Pumpkin Bombing
Many types of flying fighter aircraft
Fokker Triplane “Dogfight”
“The Flying Farmer” aerobatic J3 Cub routine
And many static display aircraft.
A great trip was enjoyed by

New Aircraft Rates

We have had to raise our aircraft rates to cover increased fuel prices and operational costs. The 172 will now be $112/hr and the 182 $189/hr. Fuel reimbursement rate is $6/gallon.

Club Membership Remains Full

As of this writing, the club membership is full with 43 members. We are continuing to accept applications to get onto the wait list. Applicants are taken from the wait list on a first come first served basis.

Club Chooses Single Tier Membership

After a few months of debate, the club membership has decided to eliminate “half” memberships, which were intended for students. The reason primarily is that students wanted to be able to fly more than the limited membership allowed. As of July 1st, all members will pay $110 per month in dues. Aircraft rates will remain the same for now (fuel is going up so there may need to be an increase). All members will enjoy the same privileges, whether student or licensed member.