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Dave Kent, Chief CFI, congratulates member Matt Bucy after his first solo.

While the club doesn’t offer instruction directly,  several members are Certified Flight Instructors and make themselves available to other club members as independent contractors. We encourage prospective members to discuss instruction with one of the club member CFIs prior to joining.

The club does allow zero-time members to join and train. There is often an independent ground school offered at the airport.

We recommend taking a “discovery flight” at a flight school, such as at Keene, Concord or Laconia airports, prior to application to the club, because joining the club requires financial committment.

Training in a club has many advantages. Social support of club members helps students through doldrums and the option to share flights with other members gives students more experience than they would otherwise get. We keep our planes in top shape with maintenance by a Cessna certified maintenance shop.

The total cost to obtain a license ranges widely depending on student aptitude and dedication to lessons. We suggest budgeting $12,000-$14,000.

Cost to Join the Club
Application Fee $100
Club Initiation Fee $1100
First Month Dues* $175
Total $1375

*Dues are prorated if you join mid-month.

If you’d like more information about training as a club member, contact us via the following form.

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