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182 Discounts

The club is trying an experiment. 182 pilots will be able to purchase block time in the 182 for a discounted rate of $165/hour so long as we have 300+ hours committed per year. The first option to reserve will be open May 15-29 for the period June 1-December 31, 2022.

Student Membership Full

We are sorry to report that the club cannot take additional student members for some time, probably not until some time in 2023. We recommend people looking for instruction look into Laconia, Keene or Concord flight schools.

Flight Training Resumes

The Club Board of Directors has lifted restrictions on flight training. This does not mean all club instructors will be teaching or that an instructor who is teaching will resume a full schedule. It only means that instructors are free to decide for themselves, along with their students, when flying together makes sense. The Club COVID protocols are still in place and members are expected to comply.

Flight Training Suspended…Again

Unfortunately, the climbing rates of COVID-19 infection locally have forced the club to suspend in-person instruction until conditions improve. Club aircraft remain available to licensed members. As soon as conditions improve, instruction will resume.

N5175Y Online

Our third aircraft is online after a rigorous check out and annual. This is a beautiful very low time aircraft. In November, it will go to Green Mountain Avionics in Middlebury, Vermont, for avionics upgrades (additional G5 HSI, Garmin 650 navigator, new audio panel and transponder) that will make it almost operationally identical to 685DW.

New Aircraft!

We have a third airplane—N5175Y. It’s a 2002 Cessna 172S, low time airframe and engine. We’ll be bringing it online about October 1st. Rate will be $135/hr wet.

The AI is being replaced with a Garmin G5 glass attitude indicator.

New Rates

The Board of Directors met September 2nd, 2020, and reviewed the club’s financials, and elected to adjust rates to compensate for insurance increases (approximately 23%) and inflation. The new rates for club aircraft are:

  • N685DW Cessna 172R $125/tach hour wet.
  • N9106C Cessna 182RG $198/tach hour wet.

The board also elected to adjust dues as of January 1, 2021 to $125/month. Dues will remain at $110/month until then.

Operations Resume

The club has resumed operations following lifting of COVID-19 stay at home orders. We are following recommended COVID-19 protocols including hand washing, mask wearing and disinfecting aircraft each flight. We also require pilots certify they have no known contact with COVID-19 and have not visited hot spots within the last fourteen days.

The club membership is currently full and we have a long waiting list. New students are welcome to apply to join the club but we recommend students contact local flight schools.

Monadnock Aviation (603) 357-7600

Concord Aviation (603) 228-2267

Emerson Aviation (603) 293-7980
Sky Bright (603) 528-6818