New Members

The club is accepting applications for new members, however, the club is currently at capacity. Over the past three years we have accepted on average 10 new members per year, who replace departing members. But, as always, we never know how the flow will go. If in doubt, put in an application. This will land you on the waiting list. The application fee is refundable if you don’t join eventually.

Rate Increase

Due to rising operating costs, the rates for the aircraft are as follows: Cessna 172: $85/hr; Cessna 182RG: $127/hr. Dues remain the same at $175/mo.

Spring Cookout

The club welcomed the approach of summer with a club cookout at the hangars, which included a raffle for a free hour of flight time and other goodies. We expect the club to remain at full membership through the summer. The majority of our members are now licensed pilots, but we continue to offer training to a limited number of students.

Membership Remains Full

As we approach our tenth year, the club remains at full membership, with a slow but steady turnover of a few members per year. Most of the membership are licensed pilots, as opposed to five years ago when about half were students, but we continue to offer instructions to a limited number of students.

Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting will take place January 18th at Granite Air Center at the Lebanon Airport. We will discuss the last year, our budget going forward and elect new members to the board of directors. All are welcome.

2023 Maintenance

2023 was a major maintenance year for the club, which happens from time to time. The 182 has completely revamped landing gear and the 172 has a new engine. The club tries to keep assessments to a minimum but this year we are having to assess members $400. Crossing fingers that next year we get back to normal.

New Rates

As of January 1st, club rates are as follows: Dues: $175/mo • 172: $83/hr tach • 182: $121/hr tach.

These changes replace the pre-buy program.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will take place at Granite Air Center at the Lebanon Airport, 6pm, Thursday, January 19th. We will announce a new dues and rate structure, hold elections, and tell flying stories. All welcome. Pizza first then the meeting.