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NOTE *: Currently, membership is closed to student pilots. We expect to have student openings some time in 2023. Licensed pilots may apply.

Membership in Upper Valley Flying Club is open to licensed and student pilots*. You must be at least 14 years old to apply. Memberships are granted on the basis of aircraft and instructor availability and may be limited. Family Memberships are available, as are Social Memberships (membership without pilot-in-command privileges).

Membership includes access to our aircraft and includes insurance (no additional insurance required). Members have access to club-authorized CFIs for instruction, annual reviews, type checkouts and endorsements and additional ratings. Membership dues (currently $125/mo) pay for insurance, financing, hangars and other operating overhead such as scheduling software and office expenses. Because the club operates in the northeast, we keep our aircraft hangared year round. This increases our expenses but keeps our aircraft in better condition than if they were left exposed to the elements year round.

We have one level of membership. However, access to aircraft is qualified by experience. Pilots may choose to fly either one of our aircraft types or both (172 and 182). To fly our 182RG high performance and retractible gear endorsements are required in addition to 150 total flight hours logged. These endorsements may be earned at the club.

To make flying as affordable as possible, members are expected to take part in all aspects of the club, from planning to governance to owner-permitted maintenance such as cleaning.

To apply for membership and/or secure a position on our waitlist,  fill out an application (UVFC Membership Application) and send to the club with a check for the one-time application fee of $100. Applicants are required to have no serious recent driving violations. Once notified of acceptance of the application you will either be offered membership or will be wait listed until a membership becomes available.

Prior to flying, the club requires members contribute an initiation fee based on the aircraft access sought. These fees help  finance the aircraft, provide capital for upgrades and cover member insurance deductible. Initiation fees may be paid in installments. These are one time fees.

Total Cost to Join
172 & 182
Application Fee $100 $100 $100
Initiation Fee $900 $950 $1850
First Month Dues* $110 $110 $110
Total (within 12 months) $1110 $1160 $2060

*First month dues are prorated if you join mid-month