Founding Members: 22!

We’ve established the founding club members and there are twenty-two of us. This is a great start for the club and should make flying less expensive for all of us in the long run. Now our task is to work up our operating procedures and get everyone checked out and up in the air.

Insurance Secured

Today we secured insurance for the club’s two aircraft. The great thing about flying clubs is that, from a technical point of view, each club member is an aircraft owner and so insurance covers all club members. Unlike when renting a plane, no additional insurance is required. If you consider that a typical rental insurance costs $500/year, club dues above and beyond insurance are just $38/mo. That’s a great deal!

UV Flying Club is Born! Happy Birthday!

The flying club is officially up and running as a non-profit New Hampshire corporation as of September 8, 2014. Our founding member initiation fee special runs until September 19, 2014 and it’s a good deal: half off the regular initiation fee of $800.

Flying Club Board Forms

At a pre-formation meeting, candidate club members offered to take the initial officer positions within the club. The first officer slate is:

  • President, Matt Bucy (Private Pilot)
  • Vice President, Bruce Prince (Private Pilot, IFR)
  • Secretary, Mike Welch (Private Pilot)
  • Treasurer, Bruce Renfro (Student Pilot)
  • Chief Flight Instrutor, David Kent (CFI, ATP, ASMEL)
  • Safety Officer, Tim Terry (Private Pilot)
  • Maintenance Officer, Bruce Prince (Private Pilot, IFR)

18 Commit to Start Club

At a meeting held at the Lebanon Airport, 18 people pledged to start a new flying club. Matt Bucy presented preliminary financial projections and models for the club. Next steps are to incorporate the club, set up banking, standard operating procedures and choose an initial slate of officers.